Experience the magic of listening to the Earth's gravitational field with the unique Cosmic Winds Instrument.

Listeners report that the sounds induce feelings of tranquility, relaxation, inspiration and connectedness.

Below is a sample of the sound produced by one version of the Cosmic Winds Instrument. More profound effects are experienced when listening to a local instrument live.

Earth's gravity is constantly changing due to the influences of the sun, moon, planets and distant astral bodies - each one like an instrument in a vast cosmic orchestra.

Our bodies are bathed in this gravitational symphony without our minds being consciously aware of it.

The Cosmic Winds Instrument converts the gravitational symphony into sound so that the mind can become aware of the body's cosmic experience. The result is a magical experience for most people.

Prices will start at $189 (USD), plus shipping. Units will be available for shipping on June 1, 2015.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Cosmic Winds Instrument please contact us.

The Cosmic Winds Instrument was first developed by NASA and IBM electronics engineer Bill Ramsay based on research and theories of rhysmonic cosmology by Gregory Hodowanec.